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2023 ®

The innovative project of this villa under new construction, and therefore still fully customizable, is designed to make the most of its scenic and dominant position, with an extraordinary 180° view. The configuration of this tailor-made project includes from 6 to 7 rooms, dedicated staff rooms and the possibility of creating private spa, gym and home theater.

The approximately 250 sqm of living space blends in full continuity with the approximately 2000 sqm of the surrounding lot, made of lush Mediterranean maquis. Swimming pool and large outdoor living areas complete the basic design of this Private Sale - Bespoke private market, built according to the principles of neuro - architecture and biophilic design with sustainable, state-of-the-art shapes and materials. Every shape and space is designed to ensure full harmony with the context and to provide maximum bio-climatic well-being in any season of the year.

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